Ashdown AAR-1C-R Radiator 1 Acoustic Combo Amplifier with Reverb

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This used Ashdown AAR-1C-R Radiator 1 Acoustic Combo Amplifier with Reverb is in great condition and fully functioning. For more information please 
For the acoustic musician on the move, the Ashdown Acoustic Radiator 1 combines a 100 Watt bridged power section, a fully-featured pre-amplifier and an 8", dual tweeter array driver in a compact, portable and beautifully designed cabinet. There are 2 channels with facilities including a switchable input for active and piezo pick-ups with a phase switch for the elimination of standing wave feedback, an XLR mic input with switchable phantom power, bass and treble controls with a shape switch providing instant access to an optimum acoustic guitar Eq setting, a switchable notch filter with a variable frequency control to tune out feedback, and an all-new digital reverb. Rear panel facilities include a balanced XLR DI output for recording use, or for connection to a PA system, an FX loop and a line / link output.

Radiator 1 Specifications

Power Output 100W
Speaker Configuration 1 x 8
High Instrument Input Impedance 3.9M Ohms / Input range 150mV to 10V p-p
Low Instrument Input Impedance 600 Ohms balanced/ Level -20dB to 0dB
Line Output Impedance 4.7k Ohms / Level 0dBu
DI Output Impedance 600 Ohms balanced / Level -20dBu
Tuner Output Impedance 22k Ohms, level 0dBu nominal
Output Impedance 4 Ohms
EQ +/- 15dB @ 100Hz and 10kHz
Effects Send Impedance 10k Ohms, level 0dBu
Effects Return Impedance 47k Ohms / Level 0dBu
H x W x D (mm) 440 x 490 x 325
Weight (kg) 11
Notch Filter Frequency 70 to 350Hz / Q = 5